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Chris Bates


This website is a work in porgress and will be constantly evolving so please check back to see how i have progressed in my web development. It has all been written from scratch using Visual studio code, Github pages and is being hosted by bluehost. All of my knowledge has come from code academy and trying to find stuff on google ( usually stack overflow).

Chris Bates

I have had the pleasure of working in many industries within and around Exeter. I hope this website shows off all i have learned from these experiences and gives you an insight into what i would be like to work with. if you feel i would be a good fit for your company feel free to get in touch with the link below.

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I have spent four years in a retail environment working with many different members of staff of varying ability. My interpersonal skills have allowed me to work effectively with all of them and allowed the team to work to full efficiency. Over the years my confidence levels have only risen and have allowed me to progress in my working life to learn new skills.I have very good computer knowledge In my spare time I have created a couple programs to aid in my day to day life. I am also in the process of making a game that I aim to release for sale for both PC and Mac computers within the next year or so.