Chris Bates


This website is a work in porgress and will be constantly evolving so please check back to see how i have progressed in my web development. It has all been written from scratch using Visual studio code, Github pages and is being hosted by bluehost. All of my knowledge has come from code academy and trying to find stuff on google ( usually stack overflow).

Chris Bates

I have had the pleasure of working in many industries within and around Exeter. I hope this website shows off all i have learned from these experiences and gives you an insight into what i would be like to work with. if you feel i would be a good fit for your company feel free to get in touch with the link below.

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About Me

I have spent four years in a retail environment working with many different members of staff of varying ability. My interpersonal skills have allowed me to work effectively with all of them and allowed the team to work to full efficiency. Over the years my confidence levels have only risen and have allowed me to progress in my working life to learn new skills.I have very good computer knowledge In my spare time I have created a couple programs to aid in my day to day life. I am also in the process of making a game that I aim to release for sale for both PC and Mac computers within the next year or so.


Over the years I have worked on a couple projects to aid my day to day life. The main aim of these projects was to maintain a level of coding knowledge and to challenge myself. I created a reminder program using Visual studio programmed in c#. This program would give the user three text boxes to input tasks they wanted to do and a date they added it. they can then tick off the tasks in any order they wished and the remaining tasks would be moved up the list. There are still improvements I know I can make to this program which I aim to do in the future. The code at the top of this webpage is a small sample from this project.

I have also made a password generator program as I wasn't happy with how programs like last pass would organise them. The program was very simple, a text box where the password would appear and a generate button. Once the generate button was pressed it would select randomly 15 characters from a predefined list of; capitalized letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Partnered with a password protected spreadsheet, This was the solution I wanted.

During my time at college I was also challenged in an assignment to create a bubble sort algorithm. I created the program and finished the assignment getting a distinction grade for it.

I am also working on a video game in my spare time with a couple friends. This is the biggest project i have worked on and hopefully will be a great game when it is finished. I also believe the idea is a unique idea for a game so if you wish to know any more information on this i would be happy to discuss it in an interview.


you can See them here

Reloading Extension

I was challenged to make this extension by a friend at work. all he wanted was for his browser to play the voice from Time Crisis 2 every time he refreshed his browser. I ended up implementing a button to manually refresh the browser and a check to see if the DOM and all it's child components had completely loaded. Both would then activate the audio file. The code below shows the check used to see if the browser had completed. It is written in JavaScript.

                        chrome.runtime.onInstalled.addListener(function() {
                        "id": "sampleContextMenu",
                        "title": "Sample Context Menu",
                        "contexts": ["selection"]

                        var browser = browser || chrome;
                        function reload()
                        var audio = new Audio('reload.mp3');
                        audio.volume = 0.1;


The full folder with all files can be found here

Reminder App

This program was made using c# as something to test my c# skills at home.

                        if (richTextBox4.Text != string.Empty)
                        MessageBox.Show("You need to do some of your tasks before adding a new one!", "Too many tasks!"); // if there are 3
                        tasks in progress display this
                        else if (richTextBox3.Text != string.Empty)
                        string temp1; // if there are two tasks in progress move them down the list freeing up the top task box
                        temp1 = richTextBox3.Text;
                        richTextBox4.Text = temp1;
                        temp1 = string.Empty;
                        temp1 = richTextBox2.Text;
                        richTextBox3.Text = temp1;
                        temp1 = string.Empty;
                        richTextBox2.Text = NewReminder.TaskNumber + " - " + NewReminder.ReminderText + " - " + NewReminder.dateOfReminder;
                        else if (richTextBox2.Text != string.Empty)
                        string temp;
                        temp = richTextBox2.Text; //if there is a task in to top box move it to the second box freeing up the top box
                        richTextBox3.Text = temp;
                        richTextBox2.Text = string.Empty;
                        richTextBox2.Text = (NewReminder.TaskNumber + " - " + NewReminder.ReminderText + " - " + NewReminder.dateOfReminder);
                        richTextBox2.Text = NewReminder.TaskNumber + " - " + NewReminder.ReminderText + " - " + NewReminder.dateOfReminder; //
                        if none of the other options are met there must be no tasks in progresss so inser the task at the top
                        richTextBox1.Text = string.Empty; // clear the input boxes for creating a new task
                        dateTimePicker1.Text = string.Empty;


Broken Calculator

this Program was made using Visual basic during my college course.

                        Sub Main()
                        Dim number1 As Decimal
                        Dim number2 As Decimal
                        Dim operatorChoice As String
                        Console.WriteLine("please enter the first number")
                        number1 = Console.ReadLine()
                        Console.WriteLine("please enter the operator you want (+ - * /)")
                        operatorChoice = Console.ReadLine()
                        Console.WriteLine("please enter the second number")
                        number2 = Console.ReadLine()
                        Debug.Assert(BuggyMaths.Add(1, 1) = 2, "windows encountered a problem it appears to be a butterfly ")
                        Debug.Assert(BuggyMaths.Subtract(1, 1) = 0, "windows encountered a problem it appears to be a butterfly ")
                        Debug.Assert(BuggyMaths.Multiply(1, 1) = 1, "windows encountered a problem it appears to be a butterfly ")
                        Debug.Assert(BuggyMaths.Divide(1, 1) = 1, "windows encountered a problem it appears to be a butterfly ")
                        Select Case operatorChoice
                        Case "/"
                        Console.WriteLine("Answer is: " & BuggyMaths.Divide(number1, number2))
                        Case "*"
                        Console.WriteLine("Answer is: " & BuggyMaths.Multiply(number1, number2))
                        Case "+"
                        Console.WriteLine("Answer is: " & BuggyMaths.Add(number1, number2))
                        Case "-"
                        Console.WriteLine("Answer is: " & BuggyMaths.Subtract(number1, number2))
                        End Select
                        End Sub

If you wish to see more of my projects you can find them here on my github page.

Work History

I have spent four Years in retail enviroments, working with many different members of staff with varying aility. My interpesonal skills have allowed me to work effectively with all of them. over the years my confidence levels have only risen and have allowed me to progress in my working life to learn new skills.

I have very computing knowledge as you can see, i have created this websitefrom scratch and made a couple programs in my spare time. these programs have aided my day to day life.

My dream job would be to be a lead developer of some sort. this could be in game development or web development. If i have the knowledge and skills i would love to also run my own development studio. the experiences i had in college confirmed for me that this is the job i would want to do. I have since spent my spare time learning C# to create the reminder program above.

Gadget Recycling LTD
july 2019 - present My current Job consists of troubleshooting and repairing iPhones with varying Issues. This could be as simple as a screen Replacement, or a full parts swap into a new housing. Everyday i am challenged with new issues to overcome and i have so far figured out how to tackle these witha logical and concise manner.
Mobile Phone Repair Technician
aikmo Trading
Feburary 2018 - July 2019 My job at Aikmo Trading Consisted of evaluating Second hand goods, calculating how much they are worth in a short space of time, and buying them from the public as they ring them in to the shop. this could be anything from a laptop or mobile phone to a watch or vaccuum cleaner. When i am not evaluating goods, i am either listing items on ebay or repairing laptops and computers.
Buyer/Sales colleague
Curry's PC World
March 2014 - January 2018 My main job at Currys was too sell laptops and computers to customers, ensuring they got the device that was suited to their needs. when the shop wasn't usy i would usually ask the merchendising team if i could help at all. this allowed me to develop new skills and assist when needed.
Sales colleague


Formal Education
Exeter College
2018 -2020 Although I did not get an overall grade, I was at a distinction level in the Programming unit and got merits in networking, Databases and computing architecture.
Level 5 HND in computing and systems development
Exeter College
2014 -2016 This course taught me how to effectively communicate with people with different abilities and I also learnt basic First Aid during this course.
BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma (Outdoor adventure leadership) Grade: Merit, merit, Pass.
St Lukes Science and Sports College
Maths GCSE Grade B
English Literature GCSE Grade C
English Language GCSE Grade C
Biology GCSE Grade C
Chemistry GCSE Grade C
Physics GCSE Grade C
Art GCSE Grade C